Dear Readers

The last post will be up on Friday. Not sure what time yet but I’m aiming for 11pm EST. I want to focus on school and finishing my novel but that doesn’t mean the end for The Simple Spiel! I have exciting plans for the blog and I can’t wait to share it with you all soon!

For my readers who found out about this blog on Cosmo. Here are links to some of my favorite fiction blogs, in no particular order (Some of them have ended)

New Beginnings – New Adventures

Lily’s Playlist

Life of Ordinary Leah

New York Dixie

Hot Mess in High Heels (Not fiction)

Does Pixie Dust Work

Elina in London

New with Tags


California Soul

If you read any other interesting blogs be sure to comment below.

Don’t forget to continue checking back for cool new updates. My plan is to come back in a few months with a new story. Follow TheSimpleSpiel on Facebook, Twitter and Bloglovin to get notified when the new story begins.

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