I’m back???

Hello Readers!! How have you been?

I’ve missed you all sooooo much. I’ve missed interacting with my commenters. You inspired me and pushed me to be a better writer.

I intentionally left the story open-ended in case I ever wanted to come back and I had a few comments in my last post asking about a Noelle follow-up.

I don’t know if anyone still reads this blog so comment below if you are interested in a follow-up post!

I haven’t written it yet but if there’s enough interest I’ll get to writing and have the post up ASAP. 

Also if you could post about this on other blogs you read, that would be really helpful.



  1. Mellfo says:

    I’m definitely interested! Hopefully, this is “welcome back!” Whether you continue on with this story line or finish this up and create a new story, I am happy to read whatever you write.

  2. Kaitlin Markell Paquin says:

    I would live a follow up!!! I let checking for weeks after that last post just to see if you’d put one up!!!

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